Attached is your invoice for the 2015-2016 web hosting period.  It has been a year of changes and growth at i9design + kootenaywebhosting, and we want to thank you so much for your business.  We have a new server, a new office, and are hiring to help expand our ability to offer you timely service and great design. Its amazing to live here and work across the world, so I really would like to thank you again for letting us bring your website to life.

All the best,

Adrian + Malin


Below is some important information regarding your account. Please take the time to read it over, and let us know if you have any questions.

What is New in Server Land

Weekly Off-Site Backups

We have purchased an online backup solution for all of the web sites that we host.  We now create a full backup of your entire site, once per week.  The backup is stored on a separate server at a separate facility for 3 months.  At any given time, you have 12 copies of your site in storage for added security and protection.

We do this so that if anything goes wrong, we can restore your site from a backup easily.  However, if you do need your site restored, we do need to charge for this time. A restore can take 1-3 hours, depending on the total size of your site.

New Server + Performance

In the fall we upgraded to a faster server. We thought is would be a nice boost, but the results have been incredible.  Average response time on the server is a mere 5 milliseconds, and overall we only use 3-7% of our available processing power. Working with WordPress admin systems, for example, is now 3-4 times faster.

In the server world its all about capacity vs real time usage.  Its been amazing to have so much available power. Everything purrs.

Website Security


Websites can be attacked daily – people or automated bots try to find holes, break in, gain access, and then use that access to upload programs that can be used to send out spam, viruses, or be used to attack other servers. It is the shadow of the web, and it has become quite the pain.

Hacking has grown globally over the years.  Six years ago, we never thought about it.  This year we have lost 3-4 weeks of time dealing with the issue – adding new security features, hiring a security consultant to add new features, purchasing off site backups for the server. Our server is setup so that each account is isolated, so if any site is broken into, it will not effect any other site. However, there are things you can do to help keep your own site secure. This is most important for WordPress users.

Please read the notes below if you are a WordPress user, and help us maximize security on your site.


WordPress is now the most popular content management system in the world, and because of this, its a great target for hackers.  If your site runs WordPress, please keep your WordPress install, and all plugins up to date, or arrange for us to do it for you.  Please make your passwords really hard to break. ( See below. )

We can also add additional protection which make your site require a double-login to get into the admin area.  This has proven to offer really great protection, but takes about 30 mins to setup.  If you would like this added security setup, please let us know.


Please make sure your passwords are strong.  With weak enough passwords, it really can be a matter of time before your site will be broken into.  We use really long randomly generated passwords for all of our core security.  We highly suggest you do the same.  If you have a WordPress site with a weak password like “LoveRover1973”  Please change it immediately!  You can store passwords in your browser, so long and difficult ones are worth the effort.

Here is an online tool to generate a strong password:

Whats Fun?

We have a new office space in Nelson BC. Its an amazing collaborative workspace with five other graphic designers and web developers. Adrian will be working both from his Slocan Office + the new Nelson space.

Adrian also has a new website for his photography + music compositions which you can find here.

We are also hiring.

Your Account in 2015

As our client base has grown, we now spend a lot of time juggling between tasks and supporting our current clients when things come up.  We will be harmonizing our hourly rate at $55 per hour for 2015.  And will have a 15 min per day minimum billing increment. If we make any little edits to your site, we usually take the time to update everything while we are in there.

We have put an online guide together to help our clients learn more about SEO, editing their sites, and more.  We keep it growing, so we hope its a helpful resource for you. Please view it here :

Thank you so much for letting us support you in your business adventures.