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Email Accounts

We provide you with a control panel that allows you to have complete control over your setup of email accounts, passwords, and access to details showing your how to configure the program you use to check your emails.

To get to cPanel, please see the link in the welcome package you received with your hosting.  Please contact us if you need this email to be send again.

At the top of the email, you will find a link to the cPanel login screen, in addition to your user name and password for your account.

cPanel Mail Settings

Once you are logged in, please look for the following section.


To edit your email accounts on the server, or add new email accounts, please click on the Email Accounts icon.

At the top of your screen you can easily add new emails accounts.  Below you will see a list of current email addresses setup on your server. You can change your password here, as well as find additional setup information.

To get all the settings for your account, please click on More > Configure Email Client ( shown below )


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