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Working with your WordPress Blog.

You can get an overview of the differences between blog posts and pages in our main WordPress article, but this article will focus on teaching the fundamental of posting to your blog.


Your blog is made up of posts.  Each post has a published date, a title, your content, and can even have an image that represents that post.  A post can also be filled under a Category. To get started adding a new post, login to your WordPress Admin area, and go to Posts > Add New.

Add New Post

To keep this simple, we are going to cover the following elements of a post:

  • Title
  • Content
  • More Tag
  • Category
  • Featured Image

The Title – The title of your post is simple – its the heading, title, etc that you give this unique post.  This is the top input on your screen.

The Content – The content box is where you input and format the text of your post.  It is just like using word.  You can add bullets, make text bold etc.

read-moreThe More Tag – Once you have entered in the main content of your post, you can choose if you want your blog listing page ( the page of your site that lists ALL of your posts ) to show ALL the contents of your post, or only a shorter section of intro text.  If you choose to only show a short section ( a good choice ) your site will also generate a Read More button or link, that will take users to the full post on its own page.

To use the more tag, skip somewhere in your content where you would like to intro text to stop.  Then click on the insert read more tag button on the top of the editor window.

Category – Your Categories are like where you choose to file your posts.  You can choose to have all posts under the category: Blog, or you can break up your posts into different categories like: Photography, Travel, Random Recipes, etc.    A post can be in one or any number of categories.  You can also create new categories if you like.

featured-imageFeatured Image – If you site supports it, the featured image is a single image that represents your post.  Its an easy way to make a beautiful visual impression for your users.  You can find the featured image box on the bottom-right of your screen.

When you are done editing, be sure to click on Publish or Update!

Note > You can change the order of the posts by editing their published date.

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