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How do I edit my public WordPress ‘avatar’

When you comment within the WordPress community, post things to websites, or add new pages, your identity is controlled via the email address that you use.  To control this, and maintain your public appearance, please do the following:

  • Make sure you have the correct email setup on your WordPress blog.
  • Edit the public avatar associated with that email address.

WordPress Email Setting

  • Click on Users in the main WordPress admin area.
  • Select the user account that you use to login. ( There might only be one listed )
  • Make Sure to fill out: First Name, Last Name, and to set the correct email address.

Edit your public avatar

Go to this website to create your profile for the same email address you just entered in to your user account on your WordPress site.

  • https://en.gravatar.com/
  • Click on Create Your Own Gravatar
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