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Working with the Enfold Admin System

Your site comes with a powerful page builder which allows you to drag and drop layout elements like columns, image elements, slideshows and more into your wordpress pages!

This guide will give you a quick overview on how to edit content within this system.

Select the Page you want to edit

To edit a page on your site, click on the Pages section in the Admin Area of your WordPress site.  You can then select from the list of pages & choose one to edit.

Make sure Advanced Layout Editor is selected.

Your site works with an advanced layout editor, giving you far more features then are available in a standard WordPress site.  Please make sure this feature is turned on. If you see the button to the right, please click it. If you do not see it, and see default editor, then you do not need to click anything.

Quick Overview

update-buttonWhen editing with the enfold editor, the most important thing to remember is that you can click on and edit the individual sections of the page. For each section, simply click on the text box to edit the text inside. You will then click on Save for each section your are working on.  This however, does not permanently save your changes! After you have finished making your changes to all sections of the page, you need to click on the Update Button at the top right of your screen.  If you forget this final step, your changes will not be saved.

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