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Web Hosting vs Domain Registration

A domain name, is like the street address of your home; web hosting on the other hand, is the house itself – its where you place all your stuff & files that make up a website.

Web Hosting

Every website has a physical place and server where the contents and data of the website are stored.  These are not computers in some house or basement, but usually state of the art server systems in data centers.  We use a data center in Chicago.  It is a remarkable facility that has multiple backup power systems, 24/7 staff monitoring and support, and a team of server admins that constantly monitor everything.  We rent a top of the line server at this facility. It is on this machine that the files of your website are stored.  They are also backed up weekly to another totally separate facility – just in case.  A server like this costs hundreds of dollars per month.

Domain Registration

A domain name tells the world where your ‘address’ like mywebsite.com should point.  It points your domain to the server.  In other-words, domain registration connects your domain name to the physical computer where your files are stored.

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