• The Guide

    Helping your get started and empowered with your new website.

    Table of Contents

What is included

New WordPress Installations

  • Setup of WordPress database
  • Uploading WordPress
  • Initial Installation of WordPress


  • Migration of former website, if your former host provides cPanel access, and the ability to create a compatible cPanel backup file.
  • cPanel access much be provided by client

Server Performance

  • We keep an eye on server performance, stability, backups, and optimization.  This is included in your monthly hosting cost.

Email Setup

  • You will be provided cPanel access which allows you to easily setup your own email accounts / passwords.

What is not included

Site Customization

  • We do not offer free site customization, plugin troubleshooting, design, styling, theme installation, etc.  To learn more about our web design services please visit i9design.com.

Email Setup

  • All of our hosting packages come with a control panel where you can easily add email accounts, set email passwords, and access webmail and information on how to setup your own email program, such as outlook.
  • If you need us to manually setup email accounts for you, we can do this but charge for this service.


  • Registration of new domains.
  • Helping your troubleshoot access to domains that are under an account you cant access.

Site Restoration

  • Websites are most commonly hacked when they are not kept up to date, use poor passwords, or use plugins or themes that create major security holes.  If your site is hacked for any of these reasons, we can restore the site for you, but will bill you for this time.  It takes about 30-45 mins to restore a site from a backup.

File Storage

  • We do not allow clients to use our servers for backup of personal files, exceptionally large media files on the server, etc.

Mass Emails

  • Our server cannot be used to send out mass emails.  Sending hundreds of emails at a time, can get the server blacklisted ( marked as spam ). We suggest you use 3rd party services such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.


  • WordPress Training + Support of design and site customization. We provide this service at an hourly rate via our web design company, i9design.com

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