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Getting started with Woo Commerce

productsWoo Commerce is a plugin that adds e-commerce capability to your word-press website.  This guide will give you a quick overview of some of the basic features.


Login to your WordPress admin area, and look for the products tab to the right of your screen.

Here you will be able to manage your current products and add new ones to your online store. Working with products in woo commerce is very simple and intutive. If you have simple products or products that do not have any variations like size or color, then adding a product is much like adding a page or a post.

Adding Simple Products

Click on Add New Product

Fill in the Product Name, at the top of your screen.

Add in the Description for the product in the main text editor.  This is a simple text description of your product. ( no images here )

featured-imageProduct Images

The images for products for Woo Commerce, are set by setting the Featured Image. Do not place images in the main editor window, but instead look for the featured image option towards the bottom right of your screen.

Click here for a bit more info on featured images.

Product Data

In the product data section, you will find the majority of product options that you can set and edit. Here you will find the Price, Sale Price, Inventory Options, as well as shipping options like product weight or attributes, which are used to create variations like size and color.

Set Product Price

At the most basic level, product needs only a Title, Description, Featured Image, and a Price.  You can enter the price in this section now.

Leave the Sale Price blank if you do not wish to put the item on sale.

Working with Categories

You can file your products into different categories if you wish.  Look for the categories box on the right hand side of your screen.  Here you can + Add New Product Category to created new categories, or you can click on the checkbox of an existing category to assign the product to that category.

A product can be assigned to one or more categories.

Final Step

Be sure to save all your changes by clicking on the blue Publish – Update button on the top right of your screen.

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