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We bill in 15 min increments.  There is a 15 min minimum charge per day.  If you are sending tasks that you need taken care of, please be sure to read through your request, and to make sure they are clear.

Things you can to to make the process quicker.

Include Links

Changes to web page requests, should include a link to the page you would like the edits done on.  You can copy and paste the link from your browser into an email.

Use Standard Terms

Some terms so we can be on the same page.

Pages :: Web Pages are called ‘pages’   “Please edit the text towards the bottom of the about us page.  Here is a link to the page… ”

Main Menu :: The Menu at the top of your site is called the Main Menu.  “Please change the menu item that right now says “About Us” to “What We Do”

Logo :: The main symbol that represents your company, and the text / font in that design.

Slider / Banner :: The banner is the image at the top of your site if you have one. ( Like the pen at the top of this page )

Provide Full Sections of Text

Please provide full text for edits, in other words, if you are sending some spelling corrections in a paragraph, please revise and send the whole paragraph.

Switching Hosts

If at some point you are ready to move to a new host – or have grown to the point of needing your own dedicate server, we provide you will a copy of your site in a single backup file that can be used to migrate to any other server.  We do not perform the installation at your new hosting provider for you.

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