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WordPress Security / Hacking / and Site Recovery

WordPress is an incredible online platform that enables users to maintain their own living websites and empowers interaction / updates / and expand-ability.  With this power comes a platform that can be open in hackers and security vulnerabilities.

WordPress needs to be kept up to date.  Updates to themes / plugins / and core WordPress files are often issues as security vulnerabilities are found and fixed.

If you site is hacked, it effects everyone on the server, and the hack must be fixed asap.  Here are some possible steps that can be taken.

  • Suspend the website until the next steps are determined. We cant host a live site that is hacked.
  • Restore the site from a backup and explore if this old backup is a clean copy of the site.
    • It can take a couple hours to find out if the old copy is clean / how they got in / update everything to patch all holes that allowed them to get in in the 1st place.
  • Rebuild the site from scratch ( for simple sites, this can take 2-3 hours )
  • Move the site to another hosting company, and leave this WordPress site as it is.
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