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Search Engine Optimization

SEO used to be the kind of thing you could hire out.  You could pay ( often overpay ) someone to sprinkle some keywords like “best web design firm”  all over your site.  Then they could edit the titles of your pages to match, and perhaps you could even score a domain like “bestwebdesignfirm.com”. They could submit your site to tons of directories to get links pointing to you, and you were off to the races!

Things have changed.

In what is to the benifit of users, Search Engines have gotten much smarter.  The old ‘tricks’ can now be penalties.  Domains like “bestwebdesignfirm.com”  might rank lower than a company called “purpledogmedia.com”  What ever was a ‘trick’ is now seen as just that.  In its place is good old fashioned great content, interesting sites, and human-centric quality.

What Works Now

The basics like having relevant text on your site, your page title, and the “meta” description of your site are still important. But so is usability.  You need:

  • A mobile friendly site that adapts to tablets and phones
  • Interesting content – this article is an example ( ha, or so I hope! )
  • Fresh content – keep your site alive and up to date. Write things that dont just sell your services, but are usefully… share your expertise.
  • Great photos, galleries, interesting links out to other great sites
  • Links across the web to your site, but not from anywhere.  You need links from good, relevant sites ( this is hard to define + industry specific )
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